Securing the value of mineral assets.

Mineral Valuation

Knowing the value of a mineral asset is essential for a landowner or potential buyer. To secure the value of the mineral deposit, an accurate evaluation of all conditions of the property needs to be assessed. CWC’s expertise in the construction aggregates industry is unique and serves as the necessary background to accurately estimate the value of a mineral deposit. CWC supports clients in securing the value of their mineral asset by arming them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions for their business goals.

When are Mineral Valuations Needed?
  • Buying or selling a mineral property - the value of the mineral property needs to be estimated.
  • Eminent Domain – Need to estimate the value of lost reserves because a public entity is expanding a road, easement etc.
  • Investment Analysis – An existing operation is considering adding an income producing asset.
CWC Experience
  • Expert Witness in eminent domain cases.
  • Mineral Valuations for properties located in California, Hawaii, Arizona and Illinois.

Ms. Howard is a professional economist with extensive technical knowledge.

Ms. Howard is a professional economist with extensive technical knowledge who took the necessary time to understand our case and provide credible testimonial that was data-driven "backed."

She possesses the requisite intellect, wit and experience that was needed to deliver crisp, effective testimony. We would highly recommend her as an expert in the construction aggregates industry.

President , Industrial Development Site