Securing the value of mineral assets.

Valuation of Construction Material Companies

A key factor to securing the value of a mineral asset includes helping clients understand the worth of their resource when integrated with downstream holdings such as ready-mixed concrete and asphalt production facilities. CWC has developed strategic partnerships that will ensure our clients are confident in understanding the value of their construction materials business in its current condition. Then we guide each client through a strategic process to ensure they achieve the maximum value when selling their assets.

For mergers, acquisitions, and sale of construction material resources, our strategic alliance will seamlessly guide clients through the transaction process to ensure they achieve their goals and objectives in securing and receiving the value for their construction material assets.

Crystal Howard

Founder of Crystal Waters Consulting

Ms. Howard has extensive experience in developing valuation models for estimating the value of a construction aggregate materials operation. Ms. Howard has implemented this service as an expert witness and in support of a landowner offering to sell or lease a property containing mineral resources. With a Master's Degree in Natural Resource Economics from Purdue University and over 15 years of experience performing economic and mineral valuation services for various clients, Ms. Howard has the expertise to help building material companies understand the value of their mineral assets.

Nathan Green

Managing Director of Spirit Advisors, LP.

Mr. Green has an accounting degree from the University of North Dakota. He has over 17 years of experience in acquisitions, business valuation, strategic planning, and accounting with the majority being in the construction materials industry. Mr. Green spent five years at Knife River where he was responsible for strategic planning for acquisition targets and built financial models to support purchase price negotiations. Mr. Green is an expert in exit strategy, sell-side due diligence, and business valuation of construction material companies.

Greg Odenthal

Principal of Pinnacle Consulting

Greg Odenthal has decades of experience providing market assessments, business transaction support, efficiency studies, expert witness services, and business development proposals for over 30 companies, both private and public, with up to a billion dollars in revenue. Mr. Odenthal's experience has been specialized in the construction materials industry beginning with time spent as the Business Development Manager for the Pacific Region with Knife River (a subsidiary of MDU Resources), as well as, Granite Construction. Mr. Odenthal's an expert in strategically managing the acquisition process and assisting clients to evaluate their operational logistics to increase value in the preparation for a sale. Greg has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Nevada and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

When are Business Valuations Needed?
  • Preparing to sell an asset(s).
  • Negotiating value among multiple owners.
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Strategy and Execution
  • Exit Strategy.
Business Valuation Strategic Partnership Experience
  • Valuation of mineral assets for property owners that desire to sell or lease land to a construction materials business.
  • Guided landowner through the review and analysis of a Letter of Intent to Lease their property for the right to extract mineral resources.
  • Established a value of a building material operation in preparation for marketing the asset for sale.
  • Mineral Lease Negotiations.
  • Market due diligence during the process of evaluating the purchase of an asphalt operation.
  • Managed $100 million in sell side transactions.
  • Performed several going concern business valuations for construction material companies to aid in establishing an asking price for their business/asset.
  • Created a process for identifying specific methods building material companies can adopt to increase the value of their business.
  • Preparation of long-term business plan for owners to use in the negotiation / sale of business.

We would highly recommend her valuation services in the construction aggregates industry.

Ms. Howard performed a market study "evaluation" and prepared a comprehensive valuation report for our company's aggregate deposit (800+ acres).

The accuracy and thoroughness of Ms. Howard's work was essential for our management team to understand our market, the players and the value of our mineral assets. We would highly recommend her valuation services in the construction aggregates industry.

President , Industrial Development Site

Thanks to Crystal’s work the site is now fully functioning and profitable.

Our company was considering a significant capital commitment to enter into a new market area with a specific product. Our market understanding indicated likely success; however, further independent analysis was needed. Crystal prepared a detailed and comprehensive analysis which not only confirmed our position but enhanced our market knowledge. Thanks to Crystal’s work the site is now fully functioning and profitable.

Lehigh Hanson , Land Manager